August 17, 18 and 19Juárez, CHIH
Mexico's exhibitor to the world

August 17 and 18

Juárez: The Border Market presents the expo aimed at small and medium enterprises

August 19

Juárez: The Border Market presents the expo aimed at microenterprises

Chihuahua connects with the World

The Expo that connects Chihuahua with the world showing the greatness of Northern Mexico

About The Border Market Expo

It is a unique meeting of the Chihuahuan small and medium enterprises to promote high value products and services in Northern Mexico, connecting them with the National and North American market, and promote the advantage of Juarez as a strategic pivot for the growth of the SMEs.
It is also an event that brings among other things, training for business development, high impact conferences, an exhibit of 93 stands and the participation of 9 states from northern Mexico.
In addition to the exhibition you cannot miss the experience of being in the most fabulous border of the world attending one of its alternate events.

  • • To promote, develop and position an annual platform in Juarez, to promote Chihuahua's products and services to consumers, visitors and investors (local, national and foreign).

  • • Promote the establishment of local and regional businesses as well as entrepreneurism.

  • • Promote the integration of local productive chains that generate “virtuous circles” in the local communities.

What do we offer?
  • • It is the first event in the State to pay special attention to Chihuahua's SMEs, using a strategic location such as Ciudad Juarez to expose its products to the regional, national and international markets.

  • • It is a unique platform aimed at states such as Texas and New Mexico, as well as the Mexican Border States block.

  • • A 100% inclusive event between entrepreneurs and government with the sole purpose of boosting and motivating the economic growth of SMEs in our region.

  • • Support will be provided to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).








States invited



Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises with possibilities of national and Within the following sectors:

  • Tourism
  • Agroindustry
  • Industry
  • Commerce


  • • Exhibition booth without cost.
  • • Sample of your products and/or services.
  • • Promotion of brand.
  • • Possible Sales.
  • • Analyze the Market: consumers, competition and innovation.


  • · Secretariat for Innovation and Economic Development
  • · SMEs in the state of Chihuahua
  • · Mexican Association of Secretaries of Economic Development (AMSDE)
  • · Federal Economy Secretariat
  • · Promexico
  • · Texas Government Representatives
  • · Representatives of the Government of New Mexico
  • · Congressman Steve Pearce
  • · The Borderplex Alliance
  • · Border Industrial association crossings N.M
  • · The International Business accelerator
  • · City of El Paso
  • · El Paso Hispanic chamber of commerce
  • · Arizona-Chihuahua Organization
  • · National Chamber of Commerce Cd. Juarez
  • · COPARMEX Cd. Juárez
  • · CANIRAC Cd. Juárez
  • · CANACINTRA Cd. Juárez
  • · Ciudad Juárez Municipal Government
  • · 8 Municipalities of the State of Chihuahua
  • · Economic Development of Juárez A.C
  • · Northern Economic Development A.C
  • · ¡Ah Chihuahua!
  • · Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • · Technology Hub
  • · Magic Villages



  • To be a company 100% Chihuahua
  • To be registered in Hacienda
  • Be established for more than one year in the market
  • Have state and/or national sales


  • Esplanade of administrative offices
  • José María Morelos y Pavón (Before Pueblito Mexicano).
  • Avenida Abraham Lincoln 1320, Córdova Américas
  • CP. 32310 Cd. Juárez, CHIH.


  • Thursday: August 17, 2017 - (Inauguration) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Friday: August 18, 2017 - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


  • Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 3:00 PM - 6: 00 PM
  • Stand space: 2 X 2 (Includes 1 chair)
  • Cost: None
  • Dismantling: Friday, August 18 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


July 20, 2017



  • • Do not nail or hang anything on the stand
  • • Do not misuse the booth
  • • Caring for administrative office facilities


In Expo Juarez: The Border Market will have an extensive program of training for the strengthening of small and medium-sized enterprises, which will have no cost.

Brand registration training Given by IMPI
Place: Auditorium B, Government Offices (Pueblito Mexicano)

Strengthening training for SMEs Given by ICATECH
Place: Auditorium B, Government Offices (Pueblito Mexicano)

Legally stablished company, allows to market and promote products and services and to protect personal wealth. But, what should we know before starting a company? What are the differences between a physical person and a legal person? What kind of society will suit my interest? And what are the types and procedures to be carried out?

The tax receipt im mexico is the great control mechanism, which has undergone some changes, the last of them is the use of version 3.3 which is the new computerized language of the voucher, also known as NEW INVOICE to a month and a half of entry into force. How is implementation in companies? What are the most recurring questions? Do you know the new catalogs?

Training of administration of your company Given by ICATECH
Place: Auditorium B, Government Offices (Pueblito Mexicano)

01:00 PM
Design, promote and sell!

Website design training Hosted by ICATECH
Place: Auditorium B, Government Offices (Pueblito Mexicano)

Brand registration training Delivered by IMPI
Place: Auditorium B, Government Offices (Pueblito Mexicano)

01:00 PM
Do you want to make a cooperative? Get it!

Training of creation of cooperatives
Place: Auditorium B, Government Offices (Pueblito Mexicano)

Alternate Events

Taught by Raúl Rivas Ruiz
Location: Auditorium B, Government Offices (Pueblito Mexicano)
Free entry
Organized by: ICHIJUV

Location: El Paso Museum of Art, OneArts Festival Plaza, El Paso, TX 79901.

Location: Southwest University Park, El Paso, TX.

Location: El Paso County Sportspark, 1780 N. Zaragoza El Paso, TX 79936

Location: Juárez Vive Stadium
Free entry
Organized by: Instituto Chihuahuense del Deporte

Location: Plaza Theatre, One Pioneer Plaza.

08:00 PM
Family Fitness in the Park "Mommy and Me Yoga"

Location: Pavo Real Park, 9301 Alameda Ave.

8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Cruces Crafts & Farmers Market

Location: Pavo Real Park, 9301 Alameda Ave.

6:30 PM - 11:00 PM

Location: The center of Las Cruces square, 100 N. Main Street.


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  • Blvd. Tomás Fernandez 7781 Col. Los Cisnes
  • Av. De las Américas 133 Norte Col. Margaritas
  • Av. Adolfo Lopez Mateos 4020 Int. 9B Plaza Renacimiento
  • Av. De las Americas 1415 Col. Margaritas
  • Av. 16 de Septiembre 2355 Col. Partido Romero
  • Av. Abraham Lincoln, Cordova Americas
  • Blvd. Manuel Gomez Morin 7814 Fracc. Campestre
  • Av. Abraham Lincoln 971 Col. La Playa

Places of Interest

External Suppliers

Rent of extra furniture for your stand

General Participants


Fabiola Armendáriz Informacion General
Martín García Dirección de Agroindustria (614) 442 3300 ext. 3427
Lynda Balderas Dirección de Turismo (614) 442 3342
Martha Messina Dirección de Industria (614) 442 3310
Jesús Campos Dirección de Comercio Exterior


  • Av. Abraham Lincoln 1290, Juárez, CHIH
  • (656) 285 08 52
  • 9:00 AM - 17:00 PM